Inmarsat BGAN Link GEO Regional Unlimited Plan (Class 2 BGAN) 3 Month Duration


Payment Frequency: one-month

0 Minutes ($0.99 each addnl. minute)
0 Text ($1.00 each addnl. text)
30000 MB ($0.00 each addnl. MB)

Minimum Term: 3 months

Termination Fee: $7,500.00


Inmarsat BGAN Link Geo is only available in these regions/countries:

  • Eastern Europe - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan
  • Latin America - All Central and South American countries including all Caribbean Islands (only Brazil & Cuba are excluded).
  • Sub-Sahara Africa - all African countries excluding Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Tunisia and Western Sahara.
  • Australia and New Zealand.
  • South Pacific Islands - Cook Islands & Tonga. Central Pacific Islands - Possibly -

Inmarsat BGAN Link Zika Zirus Update:

To support Aid and Humanitarian organisations working to combat the Zika crisis across Central and Latin America, Satellite Phone Store is pleased to announce the following initiative for Aid and Development customers, effective immediately:


  • We have enabled complete mobility on BGAN Link three and 12-month Geographic plans within countries most affected by the Zika crisis. This means that there will be no 'fixed location' restrictions within the region.
  • This applies to qualifying BGAN Link plans activated within the next six months (between now and 31/08/2016) until expiry or by 31/08/2017, whichever comes first.
  • To ensure we reach those countries affected by the crisis, we have defined all territories within a 5,000km radius from Riosucio, Columbia (GPS coordinates 7°26'26.02"N, 77°7'8.04"W) as eligible for the relaxing of mobility restrictions.
Terms of Inmarsat BGAN Link Service
  • Activation Costs are $0 for BGAN Link Service.
  • With the Unlimited Use Plan, service may slow after 30 Gigabytes of monthly usage depending on network load.
  • The BGAN terminal may move 4 times a year with a minimum of 3 months per location (with approval).
  • Terminal location changes must be submitted 1 month prior to change with new GPS coordinates.
  • Terminal Relocation provisioning fee is $1,500 or more per relocation.
  • You may request to be alerted or have the service shut suspend when the 2GB level is reached.
  • You may purchase just the BGAN LINK Sim card for your existing BGAN terminal.
  • ships BGAN LINK Sim Cards internationally at no cost. Extra charge for expedited shipping.
  • Phone, SMS, ISDN, Fax, Streaming services are billed separately from the monthly data charge.
  • Phone calls are charged $0.99 cents per minute to any landline, cell or other BGAN phone world-wide.
  • Fixed location service is for a single location (latitude & longitude). Terminals may not move from given coordinates. Terminals that move without permission are charged at standard BGAN rates. Please call for more information.
  • All BGAN Link services may be subject to to Inmarsat Fair Use Access Policy.
  • All plans have SMS control capabilities. SMS is charged $1.00 per message.
  • Minimum billing increment is 100 Kilobytes, 60 seconds voice, 60 seconds streaming, 60 seconds ISDN.
Inmarsat BGAN Supplemental Services

The following services are available across the family of BGAN terminals and can be blocked at the users request.
Not all terminals are capable of all services, please inquire with our sales team regarding which services you need.
ISDN and Streaming IP (32-650 kbps) are commonly used for media broadcasters for transmitting and receiving live video and audio.

Service Price
Fax $6.00/min
ISDN/3.1kHz $6.00/min
32 kbps (Streaming IP) $2.86/min
64 kbps (Streaming IP) $6.08/min
128 kbps (Streaming IP) $10.49/min
175 kbps (Streaming IP) $14.74/min
256 kbps (Streaming IP) $18.04/min
450 kbps Xstream (Streaming IP) $21.68/min
650 kbps HDR Half Channel 64 kbps uplink $15.47/min
650 kbps HDR Half Channel Symmetric $20.93/min
650 kbps HDR Full Channel 64 kbps uplink $23.92/min
650 kbps HDR Full Channel Symmetric $28.41/min
0 Minutes
$0.99 each addnl. minute
0 Text
$1.00 each addnl. text
30000 MB
$0.00 each addnl. MB A Division of Whenever Communications, LLC. Since 2004

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