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Inmarsat BGAN Standard Plan


Payment Frequency: one-month

0 Minutes ($0.99 each addnl. minute)
0 Text ($1.00 each addnl. text)
5 MB ($6.75 each addnl. MB)

Minimum Term: 12 months

Termination Fee: $825.00


Inmarsat BGAN Supplemental Services

The following services are available across the family of BGAN terminals and can be blocked at the users request.
Not all terminals are capable of all services, please inquire with our sales team regarding which services you need.
ISDN and Streaming IP (32-650 kbps) are commonly used for media broadcasters for transmitting and receiving live video and audio.

Service Price
Fax $6.00/min
ISDN/3.1kHz $6.00/min
32 kbps (Streaming IP) $2.86/min
64 kbps (Streaming IP) $6.08/min
128 kbps (Streaming IP) $10.49/min
175 kbps (Streaming IP) $14.74/min
256 kbps (Streaming IP) $18.04/min
450 kbps Xstream (Streaming IP) $21.68/min
650 kbps HDR Half Channel 64 kbps uplink $15.47/min
650 kbps HDR Half Channel Symmetric $20.93/min
650 kbps HDR Full Channel 64 kbps uplink $23.92/min
650 kbps HDR Full Channel Symmetric $28.41/min
0 Minutes
$0.99 each addnl. minute
0 Text
$1.00 each addnl. text
5 MB
$6.75 each addnl. MB A Division of Whenever Communications, LLC. Since 2004

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