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K3 PC Firmware Upgrade Instructions


How to upgrade the Hughes HNS-9201 Inmarsat BGAN satellite terminal with the latest firmware using a Windows 32 or 64 bit computer via an Ethernet connection. If you are having trouble making an Ethernet connection please try another cable or another computer. If you issue persist please try to setup and Local Static IP to the Hughes HNS-9201 by changing your Network Interface Card connection settings.

 Set the Static IP to

 Gateway to


If you are stil having issues please submit a ticket online.  


1. Unzip the attached file ( which will unpack the BGAN upgrader into the "C:\BGAN_" folder on your computer.

2. Connect the Ethernet port of the BGAN modem to be upgraded to the LAN port of the computer using a standard Ethernet cable. Insert a SIM card into the BGAN modem.

3. Connect an AC/DC converter (supplied in the BGAN install kit) to the BGAN modem, If it does not power on automatically, press the power button to turn it on.

4. Run BGANupgrader.exe file in the above folder

5. On the BGAN Upgrader Window, select whether you want to upgrade SW or upgrade PIC.  If the PIC version is different, you can select the check box to Upgrade the PIC as well as to Upgrade the SW.


a. During the Upgrade process, it is imperative that the power supply and Ethernet connections to the BGAN modem are not removed or interrupted.


b. The status and progress of the Upgrade is shown in the BGAN Upgrader window at the bottom of the pop-up.

6. The upgrade process will proceed. After ~2 minutes, a window will pop-up indicating the upload is complete. The upgrader will then reset the modem, then reconnect to the modem and retrieve the upgraded software version.

7. After ~30 seconds, the following message will appear in the window: "Software version was retrieved!" If there is an error retrieving the software version, check the Ethernet connection and use the "Get SW Version" feature from the "Tools" menu.

8. Terminal has been successfully upgraded, and the power and Ethernet connections can be removed.

If you want to upgrade another terminal, there is no need to close the BGAN Upgrader window. Just repeat steps 2 through 8, but omit step 4.

If an earlier software upgrade was unsuccessful then the modem will power-up in a bootrom mode and the LEDs will show a pattern of flashing and solid red/green colors (refer to the 9201 User Manual for more details). You can also force the modem to power-up in this bootrom mode by pressing the audio button when you power-up the modem. The upgrader can still be used to re-upgrade the modem in this bootrom mode. However, in bootrom mode DHCP is not supported and you must set your computers IP address to a static address of

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