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K44 Hughes 9201 Manual Connection Guide

This is a guide to show you how to setup your terminal (without the need of a computer) to open a connection to the Wireless Network or the Ethernet Port

1. Take the BGAN terminal outside and power on the unit by holding down the power button
for 2 seconds.

2. Wait for the GPS light to turn solid green, indicating that a GPS fix has been acquired.
*GPS fix is required before logging onto the network.

3. Point the BGAN satellite modem towards the satellite in your region and monitor signal
strength by the 6 LEDs or press the Audio button to turn on or off the Signal Beeping.

4. Once the Signal and GPS have been acquired hold down the Audio button for 5 seconds to
start registration on the Network.
Once the GPS light goes away the BGAN is done registering and will be ready for connecting to
the Wireless Network (WLAN) or the Ethernet port (LAN).

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