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K101 What do the display messages on my phone mean?

Meaning of display messages on an Iridium phone mean
Power On Messages 
Blocked - If the SIM card PIN code is incorrectly entered three times in a row, your phone becomes blocked. Please contact your Service Provider. 
Blocked, Contact Your Supplier - Please contact your Service Provider immediately. 
Check Card - This message indicates that the SIM card is damaged or inserted incorrectly. 
Enter Phone Unlock Code - Your phone was locked after the last use. Enter your four-digit unlock code and press "OK". 
Enter PIN - Enter the 4-8 digit SIM card PIN. If you are unsure what the PIN is, contact your Service Provider. 
Enter PUK - Please contact your Service Provider. 
Insert Card - Power off your phone; make sure your SIM card is inserted completely; and then power your phone on again. 
Registering - Your phone is registering with the network. When the process is complete, you will see "Registered". 
Rotate Antenna or Orient Antenna - You also hear a tone when you see these messages. Extend the antenna upward and make sure you have a clear line of sight. 
Searching… – The phone is attempting to establish connection to the satellite.
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