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K164 How to send and receive email on the Go

This document describes the simple method of sending and receiving email using the Iridium Go. 


*You must create account on Iridium, download the Go app and the Mail app first.




1.      Flip up the antenna on the Go


2.      Join the WIFI


3.      Open the Iridium Mail App


4.      Click on Connection


5.      Tap to check the connection status


6.      Tap again to connect (or wait for strong signal first)


7.      Once connected click Back


8.      Open Mail


9.      In the bottom left hand corner tap the icon with the box and the arrow pointing up then tap the option to Send and Receive


10.  Once all mail is sent and received go back to connection and disconnect




Tip: Use the standard Go app to check signal stability before attempting the data connectionÂ

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