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K4 Bluetooth Setup


Bluetooth setup guide for the AddValue Sabre 1 BGAN terminal. 

Note the following about Bluetooth connections on the Wideye Sabre 1:


• You can connect a Bluetooth handset, a Bluetooth headset or a Bluetooth data device to the

built-in Bluetooth antenna on the terminal. One device at a time can connect to the Bluetooth



• The terminal supports various Bluetooth profiles. Remember to activate/install the profile(s) you

are going to use on your computer. For a list of supported profiles, refer to the documentation

supplied with your terminal.


• The Bluetooth device should be placed within a maximum distance of 100 m from the terminal.

Note This is the maximum distance in open air; the actual distance may be shorter, depending

on the environment. In an office environment, you should be able to establish a

connection to an adjoining room.


Connecting from your Bluetooth device to the terminal


To search for and pair with your Bluetooth-enabled device from the terminal using BGAN



a. Select Terminal > Bluetooth Interface Settings. The Configure Bluetooth Interface dialog

box is displayed:


b. If Bluetooth Access is not enabled, check Enable. You can also enable bluetooth from the keypad and screen on the Sabre.

You can also Note the following:

• The device name of the terminal is listed in the Device Name text box. The default is Lotus,

but you can change this if required. Setting up Wideye Sabre 1 with BGAN LaunchPad Page 20

• The current discoverability mode is displayed as either Enable or Disable. You can change

this if required.

• The current passkey displays as encrypted text in the Default Passkey text box. The default

is 0000, but you can change this if required.

Note The Bluetooth device that you want to pair with must also be enabled.


c. Click on List Bluetooth Devices to list all Bluetooth devices within range. Or use your Bluetooth software to look for and pair with the Sabre 1. 

If required, either:

• Pair a device by right-clicking on an unpaired device and selecting Pair. Enter the passkey

when prompted, or

• Unpair a device by right-clicking on a paired device and selecting Un-pair.


d. Click on OK to save the configured settings, or click on Cancel to exit without saving. When

you have paired the device and the terminal, the Bluetooth software automatically installs two

Bluetooth modems on your computer, one for BGAN LaunchPad and one for dial-up



e. BGAN LaunchPad automatically detects the Bluetooth connection and you can use your device

to access Bluetooth services

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