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Online portal to send FREE SMS messages to any Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro satellite telephone.
Creating a text message for sending to an email address:
Your phone can also send text messages to email 
addresses. Instead of displaying your name to the 
recipient the message will display your details in the 
following format:
From: your phone
The character limit for a text sent from your phone to an
email address is approximately 1600 Latin characters
or 740 non-Latin characters, ie up to 10 concatenations,
including the recipient’s email address.
Select Menu > Messaging > New message > Email 
message. Compose your message. Recipients can 
be added from stored contacts by selecting Options
> Add recipient. Only entries containing an email 
address will be displayed.
To send your message to an email address which is 
not stored, use the up navigation key to move the 
cursor into the To: field and type the address. For 
symbols such as the @ sign, press the * key and then 
use the navigation keys to select from the menu. 
After entering the address, wait for 5 seconds and 
the phone will place a ; after the entry, allowing you 
to enter another address. When you move the cursor 
away from the To: field or open Options, your phone 
will check the email addresses entered. If addresses do 
not follow the format of a valid email address, they will 
be deleted and an error message displayed.
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