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K46 FBB WIFI Setup


How to setup a Inmarsat FBB terminal (Thrane or AddValue) for use with a WIFI Router. 

The procedure can also be followed to get a iPad online. 


To get an Apple iPad or any other wireless device to work with the WIFI router connected to the Inmarsat FBB terminal we will need to make two changes.

1.       Update the FBB terminals to have AUTO PDP context activation enabled. This essentially makes sure any DHCP IP lease handed out by the FBB terminal will automatically open a data connection once connected. (ie. WIFI devices get online automatically) This setting can also be changed to MANUAL from AUTO so that you can connect to the WIFI but a connection will have to be manually activated on the FBB terminals web interface or IP handset.

2.       Update the WIFI routers so that their Local IP addresses do not conflict with Inmarsat FBB terminals local IP addresses.




First power up the FBB terminal and connect your computer via the Ethernet cable.  


1.       Go to the web interface for each FBB terminal and make sure that Automatic PDP context activation is enabled for all the terminal’s. This is a little different for each terminal so I will provide instructions:

a.    Thrane FBB 150 & 250 Terminals

1.       Go To  

2.       Click on SETTINGS > LAN > Network user groups

3.       When prompted enter U: Admin P: 1234

4.       Click Edit beside the Default User Group

5.       At the bottom of the page click to enable Automatic Activation. Apply and restart the terminal.  

b.     AddValue Skipper 150 Terminals

1.       Go To

2.       U: wideye P: Password

3.       Click on the Data Icon then click Settings

4.       Click on the check box to Enable Always On (Auto PDP Context Activation)

5.       Click Update now restart the FBB terminal



When using a WIFI router with a FBB terminal you need to ensure that the IP addresses of the Router does not conflict with the FBB Terminal.

All other out of box settings for off the shelf Wireless Routers generally works fine. Please turn on Wireless Encryption to protect your FBB terminal from unauthorized access.

Example of a conflict: Router has a IP address of and the FBB Thrane Terminal has a IP address of


Thrane & Thrane Inmarsat Fleet Broadband Terminals:


To change the local IP addresses, power up your FBB terminal and connect your Ethernet cable.

1. Login to the Web Interface at

2. From the left navigation pane, select SETTINGS > LAN.

3. Please change the Local IP address to

4. Click Apply then restart the FBB terminal


AddValue Skipper 150 Inmarsat Fleet Broadband Terminal:


To change the local IP address of the Skipper 150 please power up the terminal, connect your Ethernet cable and login to the Web Interface at U: wideye P: Password

*Note: the local IP of the Skipper 150 by default is and does not conflict out of the box with common routers using


1.       After logged into the Skipper 150 web interface click on the Settings Icon

2.       Click on the Ethernet tab

3.       Change the Terminal IP address to:

4.       Click update now restart the FBB terminal


After the FBB Terminal and Router have been properly configured and restarted you should be able to connect an iPad or other wireless device to the WIFI and get online.


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