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K136 Upgrade Fleet to Fleet Broadband (FBB)

This article describes what is needed to upgrade a Inmarsat Fleet 77 terminal to a Inmarsat Fleet Broadband system. 


Nera / Furuno F77: Software Upgrade only required


Thrane / Sailor: Software and Hardware upgrade required


JRC: Software and Hardware upgrade required




New ISN must be requested from Inmarsat before upgrading


Recommended ISDN TAs:


Eicon Diva 305-939 USB


Eicon Diva Pro PC Card PCMCIA


Com One 1 USB Light Ride






Able to reuse all the cabling


installation and above deck


antenna unit


The upgrade kit will primarily


include a new type of below


deck unit as well as an upgrade


to the transceiver unit in the


above deck system






Thrana & Thrane / Sailor


By swapping the Below Deck


Unit the system can run all


services specified by Inmarsat


as being Class 8.


The above deck unit already


installed can be reused in the








JUE (F77) to Class 8 BGAN Maritime (FBB)


The Below-decks unit will need


to be replaced completely; all


peripheral devices will remain.


Some RF units in the Radom


will need to be replaced, but the


antenna and


stabilisation/pointing system


will remain.




* The upgrade of Fleet F77 to FBB Class 8 eliminates the


global voice Distress capability as this service is not

supported by the Fleetbroadband networ

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