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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about SwiftBroadband.

How does a customer obtain Swift Broadband services?

The User will need the following equipment: Inmarsat type approved SwiftBroadband terminal. Inmarsat type-approved Antenna, DLNA (Diplexer low noise amplifier) and HPA ( High power amplifier). An agreement with a (SP) for billing and provisioning like Whenever Communications, LLC (DBA: . 

How can I check whether equipment has Swift Broadband type approval?

An updated Swift Broadband type approval list is available at:

What is the Swift Broadband type approval process?

A flow chart detailing the Swift Broadband type approval process is available at:

Who are the Swift Broadband Manufacturers and Service Providers?

A list of Swift Broadband Manufacturers and Service Providers can be viewed via the following link: to buy

What are the different classes of SB antenna, and the services offered?

Class 7 (single channel) Intermediate Gain Antenna services: Voice 4kbps SMS Streaming data 32 kbps, 64kbps, [128]kbps. Maximum multiple PDP contexts up to [160]kbps. Standard data. Theoretical maximum of 332kbps; typical range 100-200kbps. Capabilities: 1 Circuit Switched voice call 11 Packet Data Contexts per channel Class 6 (dual channel) High Gain Antenna services: Voice 4kbps ISDN 3.1kHz Audio, ISDN RDI, ISDN UDI SMS Streaming data 32kbps or 64kbps or 128kbps. Maximum multiple PDP contexts up to [224] kbps. Standard data. Theoretical maximum of 432kbps; typical range 150-300kbps. Capabilities: 1 Circuit Switched voice call or 1 ISDN call per channel. 11 Packet Data contexts per channel.

Can Swift Broadband and Classic Aero be used with a common antenna?

Yes. Swift Broadband and Classic Aero terminals can be housed in the same unit, with a single connection to a common antenna. This allows access to Swift Broadband's increased bandwidth whilst maintaining the safety services available on the Classic Aero terminals.

Can existing antennas and avionics be upgraded for Swift Broadband?

Swift 64, Aero H, and Aero H+ services with Class 6 High Gain antennas, and the Aero I service with a Class 7 Intermediate Gain antenna can be upgraded for the Swift Broadband service.

What are the installation options for the Swift Broadband service?

Answer: 1/ Complete a new SwiftBroadband installation on the aircraft On an aircraft without any Inmarsat equipment installed there is a choice between SwiftBroadband only avionics and avionics that provide both classic aeronautical services (for safety services) and SwiftBroadband. When selecting an antenna the choice is between a high gain and low gain antenna; the type of antenna chosen will determine if it is going to be mounted in the tail or on the fuselage, and the maximum level of data throughput available. 2/ Upgrade existing "SwiftBroadband Ready Avionics" Aircraft with recent Swift 64 installations can be referred to as having "SwiftBroadband ready Avionics". Each avionics manufacturer will have their own timetable for providing the necessary upgrade to operate SwiftBroadband. Depending on the avionics, antenna, and diplexer installed this could include a software upgrade, hardware upgrade or a combination of both. 3/ Upgrade existing Inmarsat equipment to become SwiftBroadband capable . In situations where the existing avionics installed are not "SwiftBroadband Ready" an upgrade must be undertaken where the existing avionics are replaced with SwiftBroadband capable avionics. Depending on whether the requirement is to continue using classic aeronautical services (safety services) together with SwiftBroadband or stand alone SwiftBroadband, the existing avionics can be replaced with a new unit which will be providing SwiftBroadband only or a combination of classic aeronautical services and SwiftBroadband. If the antenna already installed on the aircraft fulfils the technical requirements for SwiftBroadband it can be used for both services. In some instances a change of antenna and diplexer might be required. 4/ Complement existing Inmarsat installation with SwiftBroadband avionics On aircraft with an existing installation of classic services (safety services) the existing installation can be complemented with the addition of stand alone SwiftBroadband avionics. In this instance both systems would be using the same antenna. If the antenna already installed on the aircraft fulfils the technical requirements for SwiftBroadband it can be used for both services. In some instances a change of antenna and diplexer might be required.

What is SB X-Stream?

SB X-Stream is Inmarsat's new premium IP Aero streaming service. It offers a dedicated 200kHz bearer, on demand, with streaming data in excess of 256kbps.

Who is SB X-Stream for?

SB X-Stream will appeal to Aero customers who utilise bandwidth-hungry applications. The primary market consists of customers that currently bond Swift64 channels to gain the required throughputs.

What are the benefits of SB X-Stream?

SB X-Stream offers customers a dedicated channel. Once the channel has been established, it is not contended by other users.

Will the terminal software have to be upgraded in order to use SB-X-Stream?

Inmarsat always recommends that the latest terminal software is used. However, a terminal software upgrade is not required in order to use SB X-Stream.

Will SB X-Stream work on an existing SIM card?

Service providers will be able to provision SB X-Stream on some packages. Please contact your service provider as availability may vary.

Do any SIM card amendments affect the length of a current contract?

As this does not constitute a change of package, there should be no change to an existing contract.

What happens to existing SB streaming rates?

All existing SB IP streaming rates will remain in the portfolio until further notice. No other services will be affected by these upgrades.

Does SB X-Stream support Spot Beam handovers within each Satellite footprint?

SB X-Stream will support spot beam to spot beam handovers on a best effort of service basis. If the destination spot does not have capacity then the connection will be shutdown.

Is Multi SB X-Stream channel bonding possible?

SB X-Stream multi-channel bonding is not a supported function.

What terminals will support the SB X-stream launch?

Existing type approved Class 6 terminals will support this service.

Is the service purely asymmetrical/symmetrical or a mixture of both?

As per current Inmarsat services, this is a symmetrical service.

Where is SB X-Stream accessible in terms of coverage?

This is available throughout the I4 footprint. It is a Class 6 (i.e. dual channel High Gain Antenna) and as such available across the same elevations.

Is simultaneous use of CS / ISDN connection and SB X-Stream possible?

The user is not able to access any other Packet Switched Services from the same terminal while running SB X-Stream. The stated throughput performance figures are based on one channel per aircraft. AMBE+2 Circuit Switched Voice can be used but may impact X-Stream data rates.

How will the SB X-Stream rate affect an exisiting SB application?

Applications will need to be able to take advantage of the dynamic bearer; i.e. they will need to be capable of adapting the data throughput depending upon the link that is available for use at the time. This integration needs to be carried out with Inmarsat and/or the manufacturer's engineering teams as a separate project on a case-by-case basis.

Why are the SB X-Stream rates slower than those for BGAN X-Stream?

Different fading characteristics due to the operating environments adversely impact the link budgets and therefore drop the available data rates.

Are two simultaneous SB X-Stream connections (on same aircraft) possible?

Each SB channel card is seen by the network as an independent Terminal. The number of connections potentially made within a single aircraft is dependant upon the availability of channels within that spot beam.

Will SB X-Stream work with SB discreet SIM cards?

Discreet SIM service (when launched) merely stops the transmission of aircraft position. The information required for the operation of the terminal will be as it currently is, and therefore all services will still operate accordingly.

Do any amendments (i.e. adding SB X-Stream) affect the length of a contract?

As adding SB X-Stream does not constitute a change of package, there should be no change to an existing contract.

Is the SB X-Stream service purely asymmetrical/symmetrical or a mixture of both?

As per current Inmarsat services this is a symmetrical service.

What is the Terminal Class for the SB 200?

Class 15

What is the terminal class for the SB 200?

The SB 200 is a Class 15 terminal.

What is the SB 200 service?

SB 200 is to Support Single 200kHz Channel. Packet Switched Services: Background IP (Contended Service) up to 200kbps 2 PDP Contexts (maximum) both can be Primary Streaming IP limited to 16kbps. Streams (2 x 8 kbps or 1 x 16kbps) Circuit Switched Functions: Single AMBE Voice Channel Services operating Above 20 degree elevation.

Who is the SB 200 service aimed at?

The SB 200 service is aimed at market segments primarily comprising of the midsize to super midsize aircraft.

Are higher speed Aero services to be launched for the SB 200?

SBB terminals offering high speed data services are currently available and provided by Class 6 and 7 User Terminals.

How does SB 200 compare with other Aero services?

SB 200 is a stand alone family of terminals which comprises Swift Broadband without any combined Existing and Evolved services.

For SB 200 can an existing SBB set up be used with a SB 200 provisioning change?

SB 200 is a new service and would require new equipment and therefore provisioned for the SB200 services.

Which DPs are supporting the SB 200 service?

Currently three Distribution Partners will provide SB 200 services: Satcom Direct Stratos Vizada.

Is the SB 200 service available on a full global footprint?

The SB 200 service is available on each of the three I4 satellite regions although services are not available below the 20 degree elevation angle.

What SB 200 packages are available for provisioning?

There are currently three packages available: Standard Lite Entry Further details of packages and charges are available via a SB 200 Distribution Partner.

Will any additional services be launched at different rates from the SB 200?

The SB 200 family of products is expected to evolve and eventually offer further coverage and additional services.

Will Swift 64 or Classic Aero services be phased out over the next few years?

Inmarsat is dedicated to providing Classic Aero services up to the life cycle of the I4 Satellites. Swift 64 services will be provided up until 2016 at least.

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