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K68 Calling Cost to Satellite Phones


This article describes the costs for calling a satellite phone. 


The cost of making voice calls from a satellite phone varies from around $0.15 to $2 per minute, while calling them from landlines and regular mobile phones is more expensive. Costs for data transmissions (particularly broadband data) can be much higher. Rates from landlines and mobile phones range from $3 to $14 per minute with Iridium, Thuraya and INMARSAT being some of the most expensive networks to call. The receiver of the call pays nothing, unless he is being called via a special reverse-charge service.

Making calls between different satellite phone networks is often similarly expensive, with calling rates of up to $15 per minute.

Calls from satellite phones to landlines are usually around $0.80 to $1.50 per minute unless special offers are used. Such promotions are usually bound to a particular geographic area where traffic is low.

Most satellite phone networks have pre-paid plans, with vouchers ranging from $100 to $5,000.


Alternatively Satellite Phone Store has developed a dialing system where we replace your satellite phone number with a phone number of your choice for any country in the world and prevent you from incurring any of these charges, please see 

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