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K67 Inmarsat Voicemail Setup Instructions


This document provides an overview of voicemail services on the 1.2 Applicable services only (see section 1.2 below). It describes how you can listen to, leave and manage voicemail messages and how to set up and administer voicemail settings. This document is intended for end-users of voicemail on the applicable services, Distribution Partners, Service Providers and anyone who is involved in voicemail on these systems. A previous knowledge of satellite or mobile communications and voice messaging systems is useful, but not essential.



1.2 Applicable services• BGAN• FleetBroadband• SwiftBroadband• IsatPhone Pro (GSPS)• IsatPhone (SPS)• Landphone (SPS)

• Fleetphone (SPS)


We have produced a document with Voicemail instructions in PDF form for your convenience so please see Voicemail User Guide below:

Voicemail User Guide
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