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K129 How to Instal Little Snitch on MAC

This is a guide on how to instal little snitch on your mac based computer. this is "mac only" software. (for windows, please refer to the Comodo Firewall guide)

Install Little Snitch

  1. Mount the disk image, (e.g. by double-clicking the ".dmg-file".)
  2. Start the installer on the disk image application by double-clicking it.
  3. The installer will perform the necessary steps of installation and open "System Preferences" for you.
  4. Switch to the Little Snitch preference panel.
  5. Authenticate yourself by clicking on the lock at the bottom line of the window.
  6. Click the "Start" button.
  7. You may want to store the Little Snitch installer application in your "Applications" folder or any other location. You need it if you want to uninst all Little Snitch.

A panel appears if an application wants to create a network connection. Little Snitch informs you which application wants to connect to which server. By clicking on the application icon you receive additional information about the application (Unix ID, the full path and IP-address). Regarding that application, you can either allow or deny the connection for that specific case or create a permanent rule and set up conditions.

  1. Period of time

    By selecting "once" you are allowing the connection of the application once. However, you will be asked again if the application ( in our case Help Viewer) wants to create more and even similar connections later on.

    By selecting "until The Application quits"(in our case Help Viewer) you are either allowing or denying the connection until the application quits. You won't be asked again for similar connections until you quit Help Viewer. After restarting Help Viewer you will be asked again.

    By selecting "forever" you are creating a permanent rule allowing or denying the connection of the application forever. Thus, future connections are automatically denied or allowed. However, you can edit or remove the newly created rule from within the Little Snitch Preference pane.

  2. Condition

    The "Condition" pop-up button serves to restrict a rule to specific connections (e.g. allow/deny connections only to a specific server) or to allow any connections from this particular application by selecting "Any Connection". You can restrict the connection to specific servers by selecting "Same Server" or to specific ports by selecting "Same Port".

To allow or deny any connection from your particular application simply select "forever", select "Any Connection" within the condition pop-up button and click on "Allow Forever" or "Deny Forever"

Uninstall Little Snitch

  1. Start the Little Snitch installer application from the disk image or any other location (as outlined above).
  2. Choose the option "uninstall".
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