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K32 Quick Start Guide - Explorer 300


This is a short guide on how to use the Thrane & Thrane Explorer 300


Obtaining a GPS fix
If Terminal has been moved
since last time used, a fresh GPS fix is needed.
Place the terminal outdoors with as much open sky
as possible. Wait until the GPS Signal indicator lights
, or ISDN Handset display GPS-OK, then
GPS fix is obtained. May take up to 5 minutes.
If no GPS fix, move to another location.
Select "GPS Info" in the ISDN Handset, for status on
the GPS satellites seen.
A GPS fix is required for logging onto the Inmarsat system.

Find the best Inmarsat satellite signal:
The Satellites are positioned stationary above equator.
Align the antenna for the best possible satellite signal
at your location. Use the buzzer pitch in the antenna,
and the ISDN Handset to obtain best possible signal.
Typical is more than 50/100 (50%)
A good satellite signal is necessary to obtain a stable
network connection.
Connect to the Inmarsat BGAN network:
Press Activate on the terminal or press the
"connect" button on the ISDN Handset. Terminal is now
registering it selves to the network. When "Connected"
is displayed. Press the "OK" button.
You are now ready to make Voice calls or send/receive
Text Messages.
To call a subscriber, dial:
+ country code + subscriber number +


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