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K11 How to check voicemail from the Thrane terminal?

BGAN, Thrane Explorer 500 voicemail setup guide.


Thrane Explorer 500


Solution Workflow:




•All BGAN terminals come with a unique 12 digit phone number in the format 870 XXX XXX XXX. This number will be labeled on the unit itself or in the paper work that came with the unit and will be identified as a MSISDN number.


•Make sure that the analogue phone you are plugging into the BGAN terminal is set to Tone and not Pulse.


•Cordless phones may not work with the Thrane 500 unit. Corded phone is recommended


Solution: Make sure the Thrane 500 is registered with the BGAN network


Step 1: Make sure the Thrane 500 is registered with the BGAN network.


        ·         If the terminal is not registered than refer to the ‘Unable to register with satellite’ article and walk through the process of registering the terminal with the BGAN satellite


Step 2: Plug the RJ-11 cable of the analog phone into the Phone line located on the side of the Thrane 500


•The LAN port is located on the left hand side of the terminal if you are looking at it from the back.


•Each port is labeled on the back of the terminal


•You should get a dial tone. If not then confirm that the terminal is registered and that the phone cable is plugged in fully. Also confirm that the phone is working properly and set to Tone for dialing.


Step 3: Dial the number of the BGAN terminal itself to check voicemail


     ·  Dial the MSISDN number of the Thrane 500 terminal in the format 00 870 XXX XXX XXX


·  If prompted for a pin code enter 1111


·  NEW messages will begin to play automatically (newest to oldest), and then save automatically.


·  Press 1 to play saved messages.


·  Press 3 to make changes to the greetings.


·  Press 4 to make changes to the mail box settings including PIN number.


·  Press 8 if you need more time.

NOTE: Messages will be saved for 36 hours only.

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