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K155 Enable tracking on Iridium 9575

How to enable GPS and SBD Tracking with the Iridium Extreme
To start tracking your Iridium Extreme satellite phone you will first need to have a Iridium SBD agreement on file with SPS. 
Once your agreement has been received and Iridium SBD activated for your satellite phone please use the following instructions to start tracking the phone. 
From the phone handset: 
Go to MENU
  1. Setup
  2. Location Options
  3. GPS Options
Real Time will waste battery life because it consistently tries to update GPS.
Please set to 5-10 minutes.
To set your Tracking Frequency: 
Go to MENU
  1. Setup
  2. Location Options
  3. Message Options
  4. Regular Update
  5. Update Frequency
Now multiple choices are available:  No Update / Startup Only / 5 minutes / 10 minutes / 30 minutes / 1 hour / 4 hours / 8 hours / 12 hours / 18 hours / 1 day / 3 days / 1 week
Please select the frequency for how often the Iridium Extreme reports to SPSTRACK. 
The Iridium Extremeâ„¢ GPS and Location-Based Service features allow you
to view, send, or restrict your location information. There are four main
components to setup and use these features:

• Location Options Setup Menu: located in the Iridium Extreme™ main
menu in the setup section, Location Options Options is where you
customize your GPS, emergency, message, and format options.

• Programmable SOS button: this red button is located on the top of
the phone, under a protective cover. By removing the cover and and
pressing the red button you can send your location information to your
designated contact in the event of an emergency.

• Location Convenience Key: located on the right side of the phone, you
can to press this key to view your location and share it via SMS to either
a pre-programmed “Quick GPS” contact, send it in a message to a new contact or to send a quick Check In to the SPSTRACK server to mark your position. 
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