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K156 Custom GRIBs

This article describes how to fetch custom GRIB weather files using SPSmail and a free GRIB viewing application for called uGRIB.
This setup guides assumes the user already has a working SPSMAIL account, if you need an SPSMAIL account go to 
Go to "Utilities" then select Web Fetch
Click "New GRIB"
Enter your Lat and Lon (ex. 33N 115W)
Select your Grid Coverage (in Degrees 10x20 is the default)
Click "Set Grib Coordinates"
Provide a Description for this area (ex. Baja)
Click Save
Click the check box on the new Grib entry to make it active. 
A window will appear asking to send the Grib to SailDocs, select Yes.
Click Done on the Web Fetch Window
Click "Call" to send the file and exchange data with the server
Wait one minute (or longer) 
Click "Call" again to download the requested Grib file. 
An email from "Query-reply" will have your attached Grib file. 
Save the Grib attachement to a familar directory by seleting "Save As"
Open your software to view the Grib, is a free application. 
uGrib instructions:
Select the Data Viewer tab on the left column
Click the button "Open a Grib File"
Double click on the Grib file you just saved from SPSmail
Weather should be displayed in uGrib
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