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K128 General Installation Guide for BGAN Terminals

This is a general guide on how to properly connect your BGAN terminal to your computer.
First time installation Note!

MAC does not require USB drivers.

Installing USB Drivers is only necessary to do once. 

Make sure to use the same PC USB port the next time you connect to EXPLORER 100/110. 

Ensure that the BGAN LaunchPad is closed. 

01: Insert the CD/USB enclosed with the terminal. 

02: The USB drivers must be installed prior to connecting the PC to the Terminal. You can find the USB Drivers on the CD/USB supplied with your satellite phone. 

03: With the terminal turned on and fully powered up, connect the USB cable between the Terminal Interface Unit and the PC USB port. 

04: Windows opens the Welcome to the Found New Hardware Wizard. Check "No, not this time" and click Next. 

05: The Found New Hardware Wizard help page opens. Check "Install the software automatically (Recommended)" and click Next.

06: The Found New Hardware Wizard searches for and installs the Multiport Modem Drivers.

07: Click Finish to complete the installation of the Multiport Modem. 

08: PORT 1 & 2: The Found New Hardware Wizard may repeat prompting to install the drivers several times depending on your terminal.
      Check "No, not this time" and click Next.
      Click Next to transfer the driver to the PC.

09: Click Finish to complete the installation of the USB drivers.

10: To verify the installation of drivers: Double-click Phone and Modem Options in the PC Control panel. Selecting the Modems tab shows the   modems installed.

11: At this time, open up the BGAN LaunchPad.

12: Select the Terminal type that you are using (explorer 100, HNS-9201, Wideye Sabre1, etc.)

13: Select "Search" and BGAN LauchPad starts up.
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