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K147 Setting Up Your IsatPhone Pro for Twitter


Setting up your IsatPhone Pro for Twitter

Setting up your IsatPhone Pro for Twitter

Link your IsatPhone Pro to your Twitter account


Twitter is available on IsatPhone Pro via its SMS functionality. Firstly, link your existing Twitter account by visiting Please note the shortcode to use for IsatPhone Pro is 898. If you do not have a Twitter account, you can set one up at

Send a Tweet from IsatPhone Pro

Select message > sms and in the 'to' field, type 898, and Tweet away!

Enter our competition by Tweeting us @isatphonelive

Simply Tweet @isatphonelive on any subject (share experiences or Tweet about current events for example) and if it makes our top five Tweets between now until 21 September 2012, you will win a new vehicular antenna that allows you to use your IsatPhone Pro while on the move! We will be launching the antenna in July so watch this space for more details!

We will notify the five lucky winners by sending them a direct message to their Twitter account. Good luck!

Keep updated and in touch when travelling

You will find the Twitter on IsatPhone Pro very useful when travelling, for example receiving travel alerts from the embassy of the country you are travelling to, weather alerts through to keeping in touch with family and friends.

Simply send follow [username] to 898 and you will start to receive Tweets from that user on your phone. For other Twitter functions via SMS, please visit twitter

Cost of a Tweet

Cost of a Tweet is the same as your standard SMS charge.

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