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K18 Firmware Upgrade Instructions

This guide will assist you in upgrading the firmware for your Explorer 500

Download the firmware, located at Thrane & Thrane extranet or at the Thrane & Thrane A/S eSupport Then save/extract to your hard disk.

1. Make sure the EXPLORER terminal is switched on and connect the Ethernet cable to your PC.

2. Open your web-browser and open the Web Interface of the EXPLORER at address

3. Select ‘Properties’ and ‘Upload’.

4. Select ‘Browse’ and locate the firmware that you downloaded and chose ‘Open’.

5. Choose ‘Upload’ and verify that the upload is in progress. (Green loading bar at bottom of page)

6. Select again the address and verify the software version at ‘Dashboard’.

All done! you are now running the current firmware on your Explorer 500.

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K17 Quick Start Guide - Thrane Explorer 500
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