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K137 Iridium Voicemail troubleshooting Using SPS 2-Stage Dialing


This guide is to help you fully understand how to leave a Voicemail when calling a Satellite Phone.

When dialing a satellite phone number via our SPS 2 stage service (240-841-2500) to leave a voicemail, a voice prompt comes up

after about a minute of dialing.  It will then have you choose either leaving a numeric or voice message ( This only applies if the satellite phone has the "VM call forwarding" setup correct.  If not, it will simply ask you to try calling later.


IMPORTANT: If a voice message is left, the dialing party has to press “#” after leaving the message. (this is not indicated anywhere in the message prompt)

Another voice prompt will have you press “#” again, to actually send the message to the satellite phone.


If you hang up after leaving a voicemail, no voicemail will be sent to the sat phone.

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