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K159 Iridium Epoch Time Roll Back

As part of standard satellite network operations, Iridium periodically resets the Iridium L‐Band system
time count, otherwise known as a “re‐epoch”. When Iridium reset the L‐Band count at 10:00:00 EDT on
June 17, 2014 to Era 2, a small number of Iridium partners notified us that their applications had an
issue with the re‐epoch.
Iridium is committed to the operation of ALL applications on our network. Therefore we made the
decision to “roll back” or reset the Iridium L‐Band Counter back to Era 1. Iridium is hereby providing
advance notice of the “roll‐back” to all customers in order to allow adequate time for any technical
preparations to occur in order to transition customers back to Era 1.
Satellite phone users or inventory that was updated to the new Era 2 time will require a setting change
to comply with the new Era 1 time starting June 30th.
Iridium 9555 and Iridium Extreme® customers
Those that recently updated their Era settings can restore the correct time settings by following these
steps after June 30th:
1. Dial *#99#2007030803502100#
2. Press the green key
3. Turn off/on their phone
Iridium 9505A, 9500, and 9500 customers
Those that recently updated their time and date can restore the correct time settings by updating from
their phone menu after June 30th. The extended phone set‐up menu must be set to “On” (see page 137
of Iridium 9505A user guide, page 149 of the Iridium 9500 user guide, or page 139 of the Iridium 9505
user guide), then follow these instructions to reset the time and date:
1. Go into the menu and find Set Time and Date then press OK
2. Set Time and Date or Set Away Time + Date
3. Press OK to accept the displayed time or Enter the time in 24-hour format and then press OK. You will see Enter Home Date or Enter Away Time and the date currently set. 
4. Press Ok to accept the displayed date. You will see Completed
Enter the date in day (dd)-month(mm-year(yy) form and then press OK. You will see completed. 
5. Press and hold C to exit the menu. 
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