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K34 Isatphone Pro Dialing Instructions for Voice Calls Article not rated yet
How to Dial out from your Isatphone Pro for Voice Calls: Whenever dialing a voice call from your Isatphone Pro. You will be required to be outside, preferably with a clear view of the sky and wait fo...
K23 IsatPhone Pro SMS Article not rated yet
Online portal to send FREE SMS messages to any Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro satellite telephone.   Creating a text message for sending&...
K25 Test Number Article not rated yet
IsatPhone Pro Satellite Telephone Number 
K38 Isatphone Pro Voicemail Access Article not rated yet
Instructions on how to access your Isatphone pro voicemail: Accessing voicemailTo access voicemail:a. Dial one of the following access codes:• Full number: 00 870 772 001 899• Short code: 5...
K39 Isatphone Pro GPS Locator Article not rated yet
How to get you GPS position from your Isatphone Pro: Tutorial: These are instructions on how to access your GPS position for Longitude and Latitude based coordinates:
K43 Online SMS Article not rated yet
Send a FREE SMS message to any Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro.   
K139 IsatPhone Pro Unblocking SIM instructions Article rated 5.0/5.0
A Short Guide on How to Unblock a SIM in Your IsatPhone Pro.
K140 How to do a Master Reset on your IsatPhone Pro Article rated 3.4/5.0
If you want to restore your phone to the factory default settings.
K145 IsatPhone Pro FAQ Article rated 5.0/5.0
Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Frequently asked questions
K147 Setting Up Your IsatPhone Pro for Twitter Article not rated yet
Setting up your IsatPhone Pro for Twitter Setting up your IsatPhone Pro for Twitter
K152 Firmware Upgrade Article not rated yet
Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro 5.3.0 Firmware Upgrade
K160 IsatPhone Pro firmware 5.6.1 Article not rated yet
IsatPhone Pro firmware version 5.6.1 is released and available for download now. Just follow this link:

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