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K130 Configuring Little Snitch on your MAC
K129 How to Instal Little Snitch on MAC
K158 BGAN LaunchPad
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K7 Unblocking Iridium 9500, 9505, 9505A
K16 Prepaid Time & Minute Balance Check from Iridium Unit
K47 Setup and Configuration of Iridium SMS / Texting
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K162 Programming Change MDN for GSP-1600
K163 Programming Change MDN for GSP-1600
K155 Enable tracking on Iridium 9575
K154 Enable tracking on Iridium 9575
K150 Embed SPSTRACK on your website
K153 SPSMAIL Setup Guide
K156 Custom GRIBs
K169 Windows Download

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K122 When Does My Rental Term Start/Finish? Article rated 5.0/5.0
This will explain the start time of your rental Plan     Your rental term begins on the day that you receive your satellite phone.  The phone is due back in our office three days
K22 International Country Code List Article not rated yet
  A list of international country codes and their prefixes that are needed International Access Codes
K68 Calling Cost to Satellite Phones Article not rated yet
This article describes the costs for calling a satellite phone.    The cost of making voice calls from a satellite phone varies from around $0.15 to $2 per minute, while calling...
K123 How do people send me text messages? Article not rated yet
A guide on how to text over the iridium network The best way to be sent a text message is on the text messaging portal under the support tab on our website.  Otherwise please have the sender c...
K125 I Am Unable to Make Satellite Phone Calls Article not rated yet
A check list to go through if you are having trouble with placing a phone call. Ve
K126 I Am Unable to Receive Incoming Satellite Phone Calls. Article not rated yet
A check list if you are having trouble receiving phone calls. Confirm if the calle
K146 How to Reset usage on Thrane SAILOR Terminal Article rated 1.0/5.0
This article describes the process on how to reset the total usage for Voice, SMS and Data on the Thrane & Thrane FleetBroadband Satellite Terminals.
K148 Reset any Thrane & Thrane BGAN or FBB terminal Article not rated yet
Telnet Factory Reset instructions for the Thrane and Thrane BGAN and FBB satellite products. Connect via the Ethernet interface using a command Prompt/Terminal: &nbs
K161 800 Dial Around Info Article not rated yet
How to call an 800 number from your satellite phon
K166 NOAA buoy weather via email Article not rated yet
Shows an example of how to request NOAA buoy weather example of email sent to request NOAA buoy weather, the get "XXXX" is the buoy you are requesting weather for.  &
K168 End of Life on Inmarsat GAN Article not rated yet
This is a reminder to partners that end of life is now approaching for Enterprise Land GAN and Enterprise Land Mini-M on 30 June 2015. Partners were reminded not to activate ne
K170 Satellite Optimizer Firmware update Article not rated yet
Link to firmware updates:;O=D

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