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Cobham Sailor 500 Inmarsat FleetBroadband ADU Antenna Only

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**Sailor 500 Above Deck Unit ONLY**

FleetBroadband 500 (FB500) equips your vessel or fleet with top-of-the-range capabilities to ensure you maximise operational efficiency.


Reliable even in the worst weather conditions, FB500 gives you an always-on connection at up to 432kbps for applications such as email and internet access, real-time electronic charts and weather reporting and guaranteed connection rates of up to 256kbps available on demand. And enjoy up to nine telephone lines with FleetBroadband Multi-voice for crystal-clear phone calls to terrestrial and mobile networks.

Technical Specifications

  • Diameter : 60.5cm (23.81in)
  • Height : 63cm (24.80in)
  • 16kg (35.27lbs) A Division of Whenever Communications, LLC. Since 2004

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