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Online RMA Form

Returned Material Authorization Form (RMA)


Warranty Determination

**Minimum of $130.00 evaluation fee plus shipping cost to and from repair center will be applied per item that is out of warranty

**Ad additional quote will be provided to customer once repair center has made an assessment of needed repair(s).

The customer is responsible for delivery of the equipment to Satellite Phone Store and all charges incurred for delivery including duties and taxes. All returns deemed operational (no fault found) by Satellite Phone Store repair Dept. will be subject to a minimum $130.00 Evaluation fee plus shipping.

This form authorizes agent to evaluate all parts noted on this sheet as being defective and it is his/her duty to make sure the part(s) are accounted for, defective or not, when replacement is complete.

For any item NOT under warranty, the customer is responsible for costs for any repair work that may need to be performed. For equipment being reflashed the customer agrees that SPS and/or Iridium are not held responsible for failure of the reflash process; as there is a possibility that the equipment could come become inoperable due to software corruption resulting from the reflash process.

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