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Kymeta KYWAY™ Terminals - Transmit And Receive Data While On The Move!

Kymeta KyWay™ terminal antennas use ground breaking flat-panel technology unlike any other company on the market. It’s ability to stay connected to a satellite beam while still on the move is revolutionary!

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Kymeta focuses on commercializing new innovative software-enabled, metamaterial-based beamforming antennas and terminals for satellite communications. Kymeta is committed to making connectivity simple and for everyone.

Kymeta products and applications are centered on providing steady Wi-Fi networks.

Additional benefits include:
• Low profile & lightweight
• Flexible connectivity options
• No Moving parts for reliability
• Low power consumption
• Easy to install
• Secure Point-to-Point connection

Kymeta is already being used by police departments and have partnered with great brands such as Toyota, Inmarsat, Honeywell Aerospace, Panasonic, Sharp, Airbus and more.

You can rent Kymeta terminals and products here.

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