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Satellite Trackers & GPS Trackers

Satellite GPS from all the major satellite network providers including Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, KVH & more.


Satellite trackers are crucial for global travelers. They transmit information such as your current location, time, and even past movements for when you want to let friends and family know where you are while you’re traveling to remote areas or to keep track of valuable assets such as boats, vehicles or machinery. Satellite trackers have GPS built-in and because they work everywhere, there is no need for a GSM network. They work simply; the GPS satellite sends a signal to the satellite-tracking device, which transmits that signal to satellite communication, which then passes it along to a satellite relay. The signal is then sent to a data processing center that then transmits the location to a smart device.


If you’re looking to make an investment Iridium has some great models for you to choose from. With monthly service plans that range in price from $56.25/month to $27/month it’s great for sending short burst data back and forth between the equipment and centralized host computer systems. Quake Global has mid-priced options that are proven in various M2M applications. It’s self-contained and has the capability to operate on multiple networks. It’s even able to maintain a connection in the harshest of environments. Spot Trace has a low-cost option, which is great as an anti-theft device. Not only can you track the location of your boat, car, or whatever asset you’ve placed the tracker on, from your online SPOT account, but the tracker will send you an email if it detects new movement. It operates in temperatures ranging from -22 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and at altitudes that range from -328 to 21,320 ft. It’s batteries (4 AAA rechargeable lithium batteries) that last for about four and a half months.