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ACR AISLink Personal AIS Man Overboard Beacon (2886)

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  • Man overboard beacon using AIS (Automatic Identification System)
  • Designed to alert local vessels of your distress emergency
  • Battery life : 48 hours continuous/5 year storage life


Small and compact, AISLink can be clipped to your clothing or use the oral inflation tube attachment to store inside your life jacket.

Unlike a Personal Locator Beacon that sends an alert to Satellites, the AISLink sends an AIS message including a structured alert message with your precise location, distance and bearing to all AIS receivers and AIS enabled chart plotters within a 4 nautical mile radius.

Equipped with an LED strobe light for low visibility rescues, AISLink will begin transmitting your distress within 10 seconds of activation and will transmit for 48 hours continuously.

Technical Specifications

  • 5.1" x 2" x 1.6" (129mm x 52mm x 40mm)
  • 5.8oz (165g)
  • Waterproof : 50m (IP68)
  • GPS : Internal 50 channel receiver
  • Activation method : Manual or Water Activated
  • 5 year dedicated Lithium Battery
  • Battery life : 48 hours continuous/5 year storage life