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ACR GlobalFix V4, Category I EPIRB (2830)

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  • Operational Life : 48 hours minimum @ -4°F (-20°C)
  • Multiple built-in redundancies of the GlobalFIX™ V4 marine distress EPIRB
  • Engineered, tested and built for years of use in harsh environments


The GlobalFix™ V4 EPIRB is a marine distress beacon with multiple built-in redundancies to increase your chances of survival in an emergency situation. The internal GPS will pin-point your location, which is transmitted on the 406 MHz distress signal which in the absence of GPS coordinates, can be used to triangulate your position. The beacons 121.5 MHz homing signal will bring local search and rescue forces directly to your position and the EPIRBs LED strobe light will allow them to visually locate your position in low light environments.

The GlobalFix V4 has 2 functional self-tests to monitor the beacons transmission, power and battery performance, as well as GPS acquisition. Pair these tests up with ACR's optional testing portal and receive satellite confirmation messages directly to your cellphone or email.

The user replaceable battery pack has a 7 year replacement interval reducing the overall ownership cost and making replacement a breeze. Should you ever use the beacon in a life threatening situation, ACR will replace it, Free of Charge. Simply submit your story to ACR's program and return your used beacon for a free replacement.

Drastically increase your probability of survival at sea with the multiple built-in redundancies of the GlobalFIX™ V4 marine distress EPIRB. Upon activation, the GlobalFIX™ V4’s robust internal GPS accurately fixes your exact location. Your coordinates are then broadcast via a powerful 406 MHz distress signal to Search and Rescue forces worldwide. In the absence of GPS data, orbiting Cospas-Sarsat satellites can accurately triangulate your position using the 406 MHz signal alone. A 121.5 MHz homing signal further guides searchers to your exact position.


  • High visible LED strobe
  • Internal 66 channel GPS
  • High efficiency electronics
  • User replaceable battery - 7 year battery life
  • Professional grade design
  • Simple manual activation
  • Uses Search and Rescue Satellites

Technical Specifications

  • (No antenna) 8.13 (H) X 4.28” (W) (20.7 X 10.9 cm)
  • (With bracket) Category I - 66.10 oz (1874 g) / Category II - 34.92 oz (990 g)
  • (Beacon only) 27 oz (764 g)
  • Waterproof : 33ft (10m) @ 10 min. Exceeds RTCM standard
  • Transmit time : Minimum 48 Hours @ -4° (-20°C)
  • GPS : Internal GPS (66 Channel)
  • Material : High impact UV resistant polymer
  • Strobe : 4 LED Array Strobe Light
  • Class 2 (non-hazmat) lithium battery (user replaceable) - LiMnO2 (P/N 1104)
  • Operational Life : 48 hours minimum @ -4°F (-20°C)