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CPN Enclosure M2M Battery Backup

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Features: The CPN Enclosure M2M with Battery Backup is a ready to install solution. Simply connect the sensors or data loggers directly to the serial port of the RTU for SCADA and machine-tomachine (M2M) applications such as:

• pipeline monitoring/control
• well site automation and surveillance
• environmental monitoring
• SmartGrid
• generator monitoring/control
BGAN not included, click here to add the 9502


The CPN Enclosure M2M Battery Backup is a non-metallic, ruggedized protection enclosure for the Hughes 9502 M2M BGAN satellite modem. With an Ingress Protection Class of IP-67, it is specifically designed to enable permanent outdoor installations. It shields the satellite modem from accumulation of dust, debris and water, or the effects of harsh temperatures and weather.

The CPN Enclosure M2M Battery Backup includes all necessary passive components and will be supplied completely pre assembled. The CPN Enclosure M2M with Battery Backup includes a Hughes 9502 two piece terminal that provides reliable IP connectivity over the Inmarsat Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) and a Moxa Serial Device Server (RTU).

The system includes an industrial power supply and an powerful Battery Backup to protect the system against external power failures. The transmission of the data will be ensured for a limited time, even when the external power source is interrupted at the unmanned site.

The CPN Enclosure M2M with Battery Backup is the most costeffective, always-on, real-time, high-speed M2M terminal with:

• Low power consumption for SCADA & M2M applications
• Including a 120/240V AC/DC 50/60 Hz industrial power supply, Moxa Serial Device Server (RTU) and a backup battery
• Easy to install