Iridium Beam PotsDOCK 9575 Basic Piracy Bundle

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Beam Communications has developed a packaged solution to ensure that communication is not broken down or lost when all power or communication equipment on board a vessel has been cut off or destroyed by pirates.

The solution uses the Beam PotsDOCK Docking Solution for the Iridium Extreme handset and provides an overall feature rich solution including:

1. Voice calling - supports standard corded/cordless phones with runs of up to 600m / 1800' with multiple handsets if required via Extreme handset.

2. Tracking - enables tracking and monitoring and uses a compact covert GPS antenna separate from the vessels GPS standard antenna.

3. Emergency Alert - Panic / Duress buttons on the unit or installed in various locations to trigger an emergency alert.

The BEAM Piracy Solution is a complete bundled installation that provides an immediate contact/message under threat with the added ability to be able to make or receive a telephone call from the "safe room" at any time.

Tracking and alert messages can be sent via SMS or Short Burst Data or Both. Tracking messages can be sent via the following means;

1. Periodic position reporting, preset during configuration of the terminal

2. Upon an alert being activated via the Alert button on the cradle or connected alert button

3. A current location position can be sent at any time by simply pressing a button on the front of the unit

Alert/Alarm messages can be easily activated on the unit or alternatively additional alert buttons can be installed throughout the vessel to trigger and alert. Once configured the alert system is always on and will generate an alert message to the preset destination once triggered.

The back-up battery that comes with the package can last up to 20 hours on standby and/or 10 hours of talk time.