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Iridium PTT satellite ASE Xlink-Package, Includes ASE XLINK + AC/DC Adaptor + ASE Interface Cable + Choice of Radio Cable

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Cross band solution to connect Iridium PTT satellite phone to any LMR Radio network.

- Crossband/Crosslink VHF, UHF, to Iridium Satellite

- Voice Activation of the Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT) request (VOX)

- Audio Buffering optimized for Iridium

- AC/DC Convertor or Battery Pack Option

- Seamlessly connect any Radio

- Compact Size and weight

- Voice Activation (VOX) LED Variable Setting

- Rugged and Durable


ASE is at the forefront of developing products for the Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT) service. The PTT service is an incredible offering that should only get better and better with Iridium’s NEXT generation of satellites. The ability for multiple teams to communicate rapidly anywhere on earth is indeed ground-breaking. The ASE Xlink and Docking Station combination solve the problem (interoperability) of cross-linking any Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network–VHF, UHF et cetera with Satellite Phones. The new offering enables various organizations with their existing Land-Mobile-Radios (LMR) to communicate with each other anywhere in the world. There may be a simple requirement to as “fill the gap” in local coverage or expanding the local network worldwide. An example would be a team in at their headquarters in London in constant contact with their rescue team or even a local rescue authority under rapid deployment after a hurricane or earthquake in Asia using their existing mobile radios.
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