Sattrans Privacy Handset with 2.5 mm plug

  • Compatible with Iridium 9505A/9555 phone's audio jack
  • Built-in microphone
  • Used with certain SATTRANS docking kits for private mode conversations
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This Privacy Handset with a built-in microphone, speakerphone and the standard 2.5 mm (3/32\") audio plug can be used with certain SATTRANS docking kits for private mode conversations

As a supplement to the SATTRANS Iridium 9505a and Iridium 9555 Docking Stations, the privacy handset is compatible with Iridium 9505A/9555 phone\'s audio jack and can be used for conversations in the private mode of the docking station.

The privacy handset can be used with the SATTRANS SAT-Docker family of products for Thuraya phones instead of the headset included with the standard kit.

The handset can be used with any similar equipment with a standard 2.5 mm audio plug (socket). (We do not guarantee compatibility, please check before purchasing).


  • Privacy handset
  • Attached cable (3 ft / 0.9 m) with 2.5 mm (3/32\") TRS male connector (phone/jack plug)
  • Attachment pad
  • Screws kit A Division of Whenever Communications, LLC. Since 2004

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