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Redport Optimizer Premier

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  • Routing, Logging, and Remote Access
  • Users can be connected to long-range Wi-Fi
  • Multi-user access and control, firewalling, filtering, and remote VPN management


Your humble cyber servant is here: RedPort Optimizer Premier provides an all-in-one solution for boaters looking to connect to WiFi, cellular networks (GSM), and satellite.

Optimizer Premier automatically selects among available data connections (WiFi, cellular) and all satellite broadband Internet terminals including VSAT, Inmarsat FleetBroadband, and Iridium OpenPort.

RedPort Optimizer Premier users can add RedPort’s industry-leading compression and email services to standard features like multi-user access and control, firewalling, filtering, and remote VPN management for complete price controls and usability.

How Optimizer Premier Works

Optimizer Premier combines a powerful satellite data router with a VoIP gateway, offering a flexible, elegant solution for onboard multi-user environments. With a multi-WAN functionality and full failover capabilities between networks, Optimizer Premier is the true hub for all your onboard networks :

  • Satellite systems (up to 2)
  • Long Range WiFi Extender
  • GSM

Most importantly, Optimizer Premier provides PIN-code capabilities for any type of connection you might have, giving you ultimate control over how much access (and airtime) users can have.

Optimizer Premier for Data

Optimizer Premier provides unlimited firewall, filtering, routing, PIN-code creation, and local GPS repeating. It works with RedPort Mail service for premium access to accelerated email and web compression, as well as GPS tracking via RedPort Tracking or any GsatTrack-based service.

Because Optimizer Premier also re-broadcasts available compatible GSM and long-range WiFi signals, its powerful data controls (including PIN-codes!) can be used with networks other than the primary satellite connections.

Optimizer Premier for VoIP

The voice capabilities of Optimizer Premier allow for unlimited multi-VoIP (unlimited extensions), conversion from VoIP to circuit-switch, and some of the best compression rates on the planet: 15 minutes of talk time per MB. Because of the PIN-code capabilities of the router, PIN-codes can be created for crew, passengers, work teams, and guests for both data or voice calls.

Unlike traditional satellite airtime plans where only one outgoing call can be made at a time, Optimizer Premier allows for 4 simultaneous outgoing calls over most satellite broadband terminals.

Why You Need Automatic Failover

With automatic failover configured, Optimizer Premier will automatically switch between available networks to give you the fastest, cheapest connectivity available to you at that time. Users can be connected to long-range Wi-Fi (say at a marina), pull away from shore and failover to GSM, and then finally failover to satellite once completely out of the reach of terrestrial networks.

Optimizer Premier has ports for up to 2 satellite connections, in addition to GSM and long-range Wi-Fi, so failover can be configured to balance between two different satellite connections.

Best of all? You can configure load-balancing and least-cost routing between the failover options, so you can always be assured to keep your data usage in check and under control.

Optimizer Premier Features

Automatic Failover.   With automatic failover configured, Optimizer Premier will automatically switch between available networks to give you the fastest, cheapest connectivity available to you at that time. Optimizer Premier also offers full-featured load-balancing and least-cost routing to keep your airtime costs under your control.

Captive Portal.   Manage and control crew, passenger and operational data access by PIN-codes through the integrated captive portal.

Routing, Logging, and Remote Access.   Create and manage even the most complex networks with enterprise-grade features. Experienced networking professionals will find every necessary feature to configure networks as desired.

Firewall and Filtering.   Allows you to tightly manage traffic over the satellite link to block unwanted airtime usage.

Satellite Email ($)   Users can access email via a local web page or by simply entering settings into their preferred email client (such as Outlook or Apple Mail) with up to 20 times acceleration. RedPort routers include a full POP/SMTP RedPort Mail server.

Web Compression ($)   Transparent proxy service can automatically reduce http data consumption by a factor of 3-5 times, saving on valuable airtime, and accelerating limited satellite data speeds.

GPS Tracking ($)   Tracking your assets is now as simple as clicking your mouse and viewing them online. RedPort Tracking offers online maps that display exact location and offer advanced features like geo-fencing.

RedPort VoIP ($)   Use RedPort VoIP service to make up to four simultaneous calls, use prepaid or postpaid service, and get low termination rates to the destinations you call most. A built-in PBX gives you an onboard phone network for local calls.

VoIP to Circuit Switch.  The Optimizer Premier includes VoIP to circuit-switch conversion, which means that you can pick up your cellphone and – using the free XGate Phone app – make and receive traditional satellite phone calls with your smartphone, instead of plugging into the satellite terminal itself.

($) = Premium Service. Monthly Fee May Apply.