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SatStation Extreme Dock Deluxe for Iridium 9575

SatStation Extreme Dock Deluxe for Iridium 9575 Iridium 9575 Satellite Phone front view Iridium 9575 Satellite Phone SOS button Iridium 9575 Satellite Phone side view

SatStation Extreme Dock Deluxe for Iridium 9575

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  • Enables users of the Iridium 9575 to access the Iridium network without the direct line-of-sight required by the phone alone
  • Includes a 10-watt speaker to amplify the ringer
  • Integrates with Emergency SOS button
Tags: Satstation, Docking Stations SKU: SPS-DOC-10031


On top of keeping the same functionality as the standard model of the Satstation Extreme Docking Station (automatic stereo muting and car-ignition, Emergency SOS), the deluxe model includes a 10-watt speaker to amplify the ringer, a microphone for hands-free operation, a privacy handset so you may answer calls and hang-up and finally, a junction box, all while your Iridium 9575 Satellite Phone is neatly tucked away in this docking station.

The SatStation Extreme Dock provides satellite phone users access to the Iridium network inside, below deck, in vehicle or on aircraft.


Sleek and compact

Integrates with Emergency SOS button

Bluetooth Option

RJ11 (POTS) Option

Full duplex hands-free operation

Toggle between loudspeaker or private mode

Echo cancellation and background noise filtering

Charges phone battery

Made in the USA

Package Contents


10-watt speaker


Privacy handset

Junction box

Watch Our Video Below To Learn More About The Iridium Extreme 9575 Satellite Phone.

Instructional Video Includes :

GPS distress button location on the phone - Charging the satellite phone - Placing the battery properly - Turning on the satellite phone - How to make a phone call - How to send a text message - Shortcut option for additional help assistance

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