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Thuraya Indoor Repeater Single Channel

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  • Compact, cost effective solution
  • Repeater gets signal from the Thuraya network using an outdoor antenna


The Thuraya Indoor Repeaters are a compact, cost effective solution to the fact that satellite phones do not work indoors.

The Thuraya repeater gets signal from the Thuraya network using an outdoor antenna and then pushes that signal to the repeater. The single channel indoor repeater offers one phone session at a time, and coverage of up to 100 square meters of space.

The repeater supports voice, data, fax, SMS, and GmPRS at speeds of up to 60 kbps down and 15 kbps up.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions :
  • Indoor Repeater : 120mm x 170mm x 64mm
  • Outdoor Antenna : 124mm x 164mm x 51mm

  • Indoor Repeater : 1.2 kg

Users Supported
  • One user at a time

Coverage Area
  • Up to 100sqm
  • Outdoor Antenna : 0.4 kg

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Small lightweight design
  • Supports voice, data/fax up to 9.6 kbps, SMS and GmPRS
  • Indoor coverage of up to 100sqm.
  • Multiple Indoor Repeaters can be used to cover bigger rooms
  • Outdoor antenna can be rotated for maximum signal strength
  • Improves wireless connectivity
  • Supports all Thuraya handsets A Division of Whenever Communications, LLC. Since 2004

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