KVH 10,000MB Open Rate Plan


Payment Frequency: one-month

0 Minutes ($0.49 each addnl. minute)
10000 MB ($0.18 each addnl. MB)

Minimum Term: 12 months

Termination Fee: $19,789.00


Outgoing calls and faxes are subject to long distance charges. Internet data service and telephone service included, both incoming and outgoing calls and faxes are charged at $0.49/minute. KVH Terminal bandwidth speeds on this plan: V3 = 2Mbps down and 128Kbps up V7 = 3Mpbs down and 512Kbps up V11 = 4Mpbs down and 1Mbps up • $100 activation fee applies. • KVH offers voice line at no charge. KVH assigned voice line phone number is provided at no charge. User-specified voice line phone number is $20/month. • 12 month contract and renews on an annual basis. * A few select countries and satellite phone services are blocked.
0 Minutes
$0.49 each addnl. minute
10000 MB
$0.18 each addnl. MB