IsatPhone North America 60 Minute Monthly Plan


Payment Frequency: one-month

60 Minutes ($0.99 each addnl. minute)
0 Text ($0.50 each addnl. text)

Minimum Term: 12 months

Termination Fee: $350.00


  1. Voice rates apply to 2.4kbps data
  2. Voice Allowance includes In-Region Voice & Data Calls to Fixed and Cellular. Voice Calls to BGAN, GSPS, Voicemail, etc., are not included.
  3. The North American Geographic region is defined as mainland United States, Alaska and Canada. Hawaii is excluded.
  4. The North American Regional plans are available on the IsatPhone Pro SIMs only.
  5. IsatPhone Pro SIMs are only available for use in IsatPhone Pro / IsatPhone 2 terminals. Any IsatPhone Pro SIMs found to be used in other terminals will be found in violation of the terms and conditions.
60 Minutes
$0.99 each addnl. minute
0 Text
$0.50 each addnl. text