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K6 Unblocking Iridium 9555


Instructions for unblocking the Iridium 9555

Iridium 9555 Unblocking Instructions




Below are the instructions for unblocking your Iridium 9555 Satellite phone. You need a special unblocking code called Puk 1.


1.       Remove Phone from Docking Station

2.       Power –On Phone then dial **05*

3.       You will then see a list shown on phone as below:



                                       Puk 1: (This Will Be Highlighted)

 New Pin:

Confirm New Pin:


4.       Using your up/down center scrolling keys, enter Puk 1 code as:

5.       Without selecting anything else, scroll down to New Pin code and enter, 1111

6.       Again, without selecting any other keys, scroll down to Confirm New Pin code and enter, 1111

7.       Select OK or green button. Your Phone should immediately start searching for signal, an indication that phone is now unblocked.


Everything should be entered (Using Scrolling Keys to select the next option) as shown before. For unblocking an Iridium 9555 series Satellite Phone.


                                       Puk 1:

 New Pin: 1111

                Confirm New Pin: 1111


If successful, phone will proceed by searching for a signal. If entered incorrectly, phone will notify you that the attempt was a failure. Do not attempt this procedure more than two times if both attempts fail, or you will fry the sim card. If so, please contact me for over the phone instructions.

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