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K16 Prepaid Time & Minute Balance Check from Iridium Unit

How to check prepaid minute balance and days until sim card expires
This is information is only affective for customers with green and black shaded Prepaid sim cards. Otherwise please call if these instructions are not affective.

When checking for your prepaid minute balance and how many days you have until sim cards expires:

1. Please go outside with a clear view of the sky and wait for phone to search and register to network
2. Dial 2888
3. Once call goes through, a recording will provide you the minute balance and days til expiry

FYI, when doing this will help you not only keep track of you prepaid information but also assist you whenever you decide to reload for more prepaid time and minutes. You can rollover any unused minutes upon prepaying for more time and minutes before sim card expires; at which the expiration date can be determine through dialing 2888. If you do not add more prepaid service and sim card does and expire, your minutes are unfortunately lost and you 90 more days to add more prepaid service or your sim card will deactivate. Once sim card deactivates, there is an additional $250.00 reactivation fee, plus the cost of adding more prepaid time and minutes onto the same sim card. Buying a new sim card with prepaid service added is a cheaper option but you'll then receive new sim card information, along with a new satellite phone number.
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