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K36 Disbaling The Plus(+) Prefix

If you cannot dial out because your Iridium 9555 satellite phone will constantly display a Plus(+) prefix. Please Follow instructions below for disabling the Plus(+) prefix, thus providing the ability to dial using the instructions you were given for doing so.
Tutorial: Some Iridium 9555 Satellite Phones are preconfigured  with a  Plus(+) prefix that none of our satellite phones we provide require a Plus(+) when dialing out for voice or text messages. So, whenever dialing and your Iridium 9555 continuously displays a Plus(+) sign, this will not allow the call to go through. So it requires the Plus(+) sign to be disabled. To disable Plus(+) prefix and dial out with the instructions you were given, please follow instructions below:

Disabling the Plus(+) prefix:

1. Power-on Iridium 9555 and select Menu
2. Scroll and Select Setup
3. Scroll and Select Number Entry
4. Lastly, if under Number Entry the Plus(+) prefix is highlight then please scroll and save "Do Not Prefix". When process is finished, make a test call with the instructions you were given.
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