Intellian GX60 Maritime Terminal for Inmarsat Fleet Xpress (FX) Ka band satellite network

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The GX60 is a compact maritime stabilized terminal ready-to-use on Inmarsat’s high speed, Fleet Xpress (FX) broadband service. Built and supplied with an integrated GX modem the GX60 installs easily and delivers high speed connectivity in no time.

GX100 Highlights
  • Fully integrated satellite terminal, including modem, providing out-of-the-box connectivity.
  • Simple installation, including One Touch Commissioning.
  • Download speeds up to 50Mbps and seamless worldwide coverage.
  • Remote management and control using Aptus via direct Wi-Fi connection.

Today’s ship operators know that staying in port for extended periods is simply not an option, leaving a narrow window of opportunity to update communications equipment. Commissioning a standard VSAT terminal on the satellite network entails calling the Network Operations Center (NOC) and waiting for assistance from someone on the other end of the line. Depending on availability, language barriers and other factors, this process can be time consuming. The GX100 features a one touch commissioning capability, which dramatically reduces installation time, enabling a quick turnaround in port.

Maritime Connectivity Made Simple

Intellian and Inmarsat have partnered to deliver a high speed connectivity solution as easy to adopt as Fleet Broadband. Easy, standardized equipment. Single global network. Intuitive User Interface.

All in One Below Deck Terminal

Features a built in GX modem for simplified installation and reduced overall space requirements. Wi-Fi enabled for wireless management via Intellian’s Aptus PC or Mobile remote management application. Built in 8 Port Ethernet Switch provides VLAN capability, all in a single, 19” rack type 1U case. Integrated AC Power Supply (no additional components needed) and front panel touch display with easy navigation buttons.

Enterprise Enabling Speed

The Global Xpress constellation is the world’s first global High Throughput Satellite network to come to market. Users will be able to connect at speeds measured in Megabits, as opposed to Kilobits, all at reasonable service rates.

Industry-leading Standards Compliance

The GX Series meets CE and FCC regulatory compliances as well as EN60945, EN60950, R&TTE and FCC Part 15. They are also designed to meet MIL-STD 167.

From In Port to Online in 4 Hours

Quick-Deploy packaging, pre-slung lifting straps, Intellian’s Aptus Graphical User Interface and a single, integrated Below Deck Terminal (BDT) enable fast and easy installation of the GX Series. Captains and Fleet managers can count on quick, pain-free installation to get vessels connected and back out to sea swiftly.

One Touch Commissioning

Goes from power-up to network connectivity in 30 seconds. No calls to the Network Operations Center (NOC) required. No post installation configuration (option file) needed. System is pre-configured for easy, rapid deployment.

FB250/500 Compatibility

All Intellian systems feature an Intellian LAN function, enabling all onboard devices to be easily networked out of the box with no additional hardware. For the ultimate in service reliability, or for out of band management solutions, the GX Series easily integrates with Intellian’s FB250 or 500 terminals.

Uninterrupted Global Coverage

With the GX Series, users benefit from the reliable, global coverage of traditional Inmarsat Services, with more than twice the speed and performance.


  • Maritime Connectivity Made Simple
  • All in One Below Deck Terminal
  • Enterprise Enabling Speed
  • Industry-leading Standards Compliance
  • From In Port to Online in 4 Hours
  • One Touch Commissioning
  • FB250/500 Compatibility
  • Uninterrupted Global Coverage


Intellian GX60 Maritime Terminal for Inmarsat Fleet Xpress (FX) Ka band satellite network Includes:

  • 65cm / 25.6" GX Precision Ka-band Reflector
  • Tuned 103cm / 40.5"(H), 90cm / 35.5"(D) Radome
  • 5W Ka-band BUC, LNB, OMT and RF Assembly
  • 19" 1U rack mountable Below Deck Terminal with Alphanumeric Display
  • Integrated Global Xpress Core Module Modem within BDT (Below Deck Terminal)
  • Aptus Software, User & Installation Manual
  • Packaged Dimensions (L x W x H in) : 43 x 50 x 55 (108 x 127 x 139cm) | 345lbs (157Kg)
  • **Note : MSRP includes BUC and LNBs. Available to Ship from Irvine, Rotterdam, and Seoul