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Iridium 9501 Satellite Pager

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$99 .00 / wk


We are offering the Iridium 9501 Pager for $90 on a $199/month plan for 12 Months.

It is the only satellite equipment that will work from anywhere on earth including inside a building.

Encrypted text messages can be delivered to any place on the planet enabling your users receive messages on the go.


Dimensions : 77w x 72.3h x 22.5d mm (3.03w x 2.85h x .88d in)

Weight : 118 grams (4.16 oz)

Battery Life : 30 days

Operating Temperature : -10ºC to +50ºC (14ºF to 122ºF)

Operating Frequencies :

  • Primary : 1626.437500 MHz
  • Secondary : 1626.395833 MHz
  • Tertiary : 1626.145833 MHz
  • Quaternary : 1626.104167 MHz
  • Power Supply : one 1.5v AA-size alkaline battery
  • Alert Tone Frequency/Duration : 3200 Hz standard alert with 9 user selectable alerts
  • Alert Tone Loudness : 80dB typical at 12"