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Cobham BGAN Explorer 325

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Cobham (Thrane & Thrane)
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Low-profile, powerful and simple to set-up, the EXPLORER 325 BGAN is built for vehicles of all sizes, and is the smallest vehicular BGAN antenna on the market.

If cost-effective connectivity on-the-move is what you’re looking for, then the EXPLORER 325 BGAN is the terminal for you. Compact and rugged enough to fit on almost any vehicle, with data speeds that help you get the job done wherever you go, just turn-it on and get rolling!

Compact design at the right price

If you need a satellite terminal for your vehicle and your budget is stretched, the EXPLORER 325 BGAN is a great choice. Weighing just 3.6kg, EXPLORER 325 has the smallest available vehicular BGAN antenna on the market. With the reliability of a Cobham terminal, and the proven track-record of the INMARSAT system of stationary satellites, it’s a cost-effective choice for mobile satellite communications. Fixed-pricing and no roaming fees when you cross borders helps you manage your costs and stay-on budget.

Fast Data

The EXPLORER 325 BGAN is fast in every way. With data speeds up to 384 Kbps for standard IP, and streaming speeds up to 128 Kbps, the EXPLORER 325 is fast enough to support your critical communication needs without ever slowing you down. Data speeds like this are vital for travelers and professionals who need to stay connected and get work done while they are on the move. The EXPLORER 325 BGAN gives you the reliability you want, and data speeds you need to get out on the road with confidence. Access VPN, make a voice call, check your email, send an sms, your connections will be fast and reliable, wherever you go.

Roof mounted and ready to go

The EXPLORER 325 BGAN is a roof-mounted, low-profile, mobile vehicular terminal designed for easy set-up and easy operation. With magnetic roof mounts built-in, the EXPLORER 325 can be up and running in no time. Just place the compact antenna on the roof of your vehicle, connect it to the EXPLORER 325 transceiver, plug-in your laptop and handset and you are ready to go.

And we mean go, because the EXPLORER 325 BGAN can move at speeds of up to 200 km/h and remain connected. And that’s over any type of road. Spill your coffee, smack your head, but stay online and keep talking. Whether you’re bouncing across an uneven highway or taking your truck off-road, the EXPLORER 325 will keep its connection through all the ups-and-downs, working above 5° elevation, it’s a robust connection and a tough terminal.

Built for Extreme Conditions

The 3-piece unit is rugged enough to operate in extreme temperatures, and resists dirt, dust and water. You can use the EXPLORER 325 in sub-freezing conditions and in severe heat. With an operational range of -25 to +55°C (-13 to 131°F), the EXPLORER 325 BGAN is reliable when you need it most. And when the wind picks up, and the weather conditions get severe, the roof-mounted antenna can take it. With an ingress rating of IP56, the EXPLORER 325’s antenna resists dirt, dust and jets of water up to 100 liters per minute – those are hurricane conditions. First responders take note; this terminal is built to work when you’re headed into the eye of the storm, and is affordable enough for deploying across all your teams.

If you’re a traveler slipping off-road to remote regions, a first-responder headed into the unknown, or anyone who needs to access unfamiliar terrain and get critical work done en-route, this is the satellite terminal for you.

  • Affordable price, compact size
  • Fast upload speeds up to 384 Kbps
  • Operates in extreme weather
  • Rugged, reliable construction
  • Internet service can be usage based, or pre-paid using standard BGAN Service Plans
  • Built-in magnetic roof mounts
  • Connects to any standard corded or cordless phone into the RJ-11 phone jack
  • Includes IP handset phone
  • 2 Ethernet (RJ-45) POE, 1 RJ-11 interface
  • Web interface for terminal status, customization and phonebook management
  • Streaming IP services available 32, 64, 128 Kbps CIR 1:1 BGAN Streaming Services
  • For more features – see the Explorer 325 Terminal Brochure