ACR GlobalFix PRO, Category I EPIRB (2842)

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  • Marine Tough Design for Years of Useful Service
  • Built-in GPS acquisition
  • Operational LIfe : 48 hours minimum @ -4°F (-20°C)
Tags: ACR, EPIRB Beacons SKU: SPS-EE-10001
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  • High Efficiency Electronics
  • Ergonomic, Compact Design
  • Highly Visible LED Strobe
  • Internal 16 Channel GPS
  • Marine Tough Design for Years of Useful Service
  • Non-Hazmat Battery
  • Electronic Battery Witness Seal
  • Made in the U.S.A


ACR GlobalFix PRO, Category I EPIRB (2842) Includes:


Head offshore with confidence. With three levels of integrated signal technology (GPS positioning, a powerful 406 MHz signal and 121.5 MHz homing capability) the GlobalFix PRO quickly and accurately relays your position to a worldwide network of Search and Rescue satellites, reducing search time and increasing your chances of survival. It's reliable signaling technology that has saved more than 26,800 lives since 1982.

The GlobalFix PRO broadcasts a unique registered distress signal that not only tells rescuers where you are, but who you are. The internal GPS will automatically turn on and acquire your position upon activation and then utilizes a powerful 406 MHz signal to relay your distress call to orbiting satellites. As local Search and Rescue is deployed, a separate homing signal and integrated LED strobe light guide rescuers to your exact location.

The GlobalFix PRO is small and rugged and comes with over 53 years of life saving technology built into every one. Performing a full functional self test of the GlobalFix PRO internal circuitry, battery voltage & power, and 406 MHz transmission gives you the peace of mind knowing your EPIRB will work the moment you need it to the most.

New Features . Send "I'm OK" messages. Increase the functionality of your beacon with optional non-emergency messaging service.

ACR Exclusive . Built-in GPS acquisition test mode allows you to test the internal GPS receiver to ensure its working properly. Tap in to the same field-tested rescue technology used by the U.S. Military, Coast Guard, NATO, Special Forces and Arctic Explorers.

Technical Specifications

  • Digital : No
  • (No antenna) 6.97 X 4.2 X 3.58 in (17.7 X 10.67 X 9.09 cm)
  • 20.5 oz (581 g)
  • GPS : Internal GPS
  • Waterproof : 33 ft (10 m) @ 10 min. Exceeds RTCM standard
  • Material : High impact UV resistant polymer
  • Class 2 (non-hazmat) lithium battery packs
  • Operational LIfe : 48 hours minimum @ -4°F (-20°C)
  • Typical Performance : 65+ hrs. @ -4°F (-20°C); Longer in higher ambient temperature
  • Batter Replacement : Battery replacement due no later than 6 years from date of manufacture but 5 years from date of install or after emergency use A Division of Whenever Communications, LLC. Since 2004

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