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EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Battery

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  • Long Lifespan: 10 years of daily use with LFP battery chemistry.
  • Advanced Protection: Built-in battery management system and fire-resistant casing.
  • Powerful Performance: Powers up to 99% of appliances with 2400W AC output.
  • Reliable Power Source: 2048Wh capacity ideal for home backup and outdoor use.
  • Fast Charging: 80% charge in 43 minutes with combined solar and AC input.
  • Quiet Operation: Operates quietly at only 30 dB.
  • Lightweight Design: 30% lighter than similar power stations.


Limitless Expandable Power

Experience limitless power with the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Battery, a compact yet powerful energy solution for every need. With its expandable capacity, you can increase the power of your compatible power stations, such as the DELTA 2 MAX, with an extra 2048Wh, offering a hefty total capacity of 6144Wh when connected with two additional Smart Extra Batteries. This feature makes it an ideal choice for home backup, outdoor adventures, RVing, and daily usage.

Long-lasting Power

What sets the DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Battery apart is its LFP battery chemistry, ensuring a life expectancy of 10 years with daily use, even before hitting 80% of its original capacity. That's an astounding 3000+ complete cycles and 6× longer lifespan than other power stations with similar capacity.

Advanced Protection

This power station boasts advanced BMS protection, which regulates essential factors such as voltage, current, and temperature, making your smart extra battery secure and durable. Internally and externally protected, it features a UL94-5VA fire-resistant casing and a rubber anti-slip base, providing layers of security.

Lightweight and Robust

Designed for portability, the robust and reinforced battery stands up to the demands of travel and usage with ease. Despite the robustness, it's still 30% lighter than similar power stations, thanks to its upgraded tech.

Unmatched Performance

In terms of performance, the extra battery doesn't disappoint. With its massive 2400W AC output and X-Boost proprietary technology, it powers up to 99% of your appliances, even those with an output of up to 3400W. This versatility makes it perfect for a home backup during power outages.

Reliable Power Source

It has an impressive capacity of 2048Wh, making it a reliable power source that can run your essential appliances for hours. From preserving your food during blackouts to powering your camping trip, the DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Battery has you covered.

Fast and Efficient Charging

Charging the DELTA 2 Max is a breeze, thanks to its cutting-edge technology. It charges 80% of its capacity in just 43 minutes when using a combined solar and AC input of 2400W. Its smart (MPPT) algorithm optimizes solar generation throughout the day, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Quiet Operation

Last but not least, the DELTA 2 Max operates quietly, emitting only 30 dB of noise, making it quieter than other 2kWh power stations on the market. With the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Battery, you can enjoy efficient, safe, and high-capacity power, wherever you are.

Technical Specifications

  • 46.4cm x 23.5cm x 28.3cm / 18in x 9in x 11in
  • 19kg / 42lbs
  • Capacity 2048Wh
  • Battery LFP chemistry, 3000 cycles to >80% capacity
  • Compatible with Delta 2, Delta Max 2000, Delta 2 Max
  • Input Port 51.2V, 2000W Max
  • Output Port 51.2V, 3200W Max