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EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Battery

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  • Stackable Design: Space-efficient design for easy expansion.
  • 6-90kWh Capacity: Over 30 days of essential power.
  • 5.6kW-16.8kW Solar Input: Fast, sustainable charging.
  • Versatile Charging: Supports solar, grid, generators, EV piles.
  • IP54 Rated: Durable in extreme weather and temperatures.


Exceptional Capacity for Extended Security

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Battery boasts a formidable 6kWh capacity per unit, expandable up to 90kWh, setting a new standard for home backup power. This range ensures essential appliances remain functional for over 30 days on a single charge, catering to the energy needs of a standard household with unmatched reliability.

Innovative Stackable Design

Designed with efficiency and space-saving in mind, the DELTA Pro Ultra Battery can be stacked, allowing homeowners to easily expand their power storage without sacrificing valuable space. This feature makes it an ideal solution for those looking to enhance their power capacity in a compact, organized manner.

Broad Charging Capabilities

The battery supports a plethora of charging options, including solar, grid, gas generators, and EV charging piles. With solar input capabilities ranging from 5.6kW to 16.8kW, it not only facilitates rapid charging but also empowers homeowners towards achieving energy independence.

Durability for Every Environment

Crafted to endure, the DELTA Pro Ultra Battery operates across a wide temperature range from -4℉ to 113℉ and comes with a high voltage tolerance. Its IP54 rating for dust and splash resistance ensures that it stands up to the most challenging conditions, guaranteeing power security regardless of the weather.

Tailored for Modern Energy Needs

The DELTA Pro Ultra Battery is not just a power source; it's a comprehensive energy solution designed to meet the evolving demands of modern households. Its combination of high capacity, expandability, and versatility in charging and usage makes it a cornerstone for achieving a resilient, energy-independent home.