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Hughes BGAN 2-4 Wire ISDN to RJ11 Terminal Adapter

Hughes BGAN 2-4 wire ISDN to RJ11 terminal adapter front view

Hughes BGAN 2-4 Wire ISDN to RJ11 Terminal Adapter


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Connect analog phones to your Hughes BGAN 9201

Tags: Networking SKU: SPS-CNA-10074


Since the Hughes HNS-9201 does not have a standard telephone or fax interface we employ an ISDN to RJ11 adpater to still offer these standard services.

The ISDN to RJ11 adapter can be used to connect any 2 existing analogue devices, such as phone, fax, dial up modem, alarm systems, etc, to an ISDN line, hence offering the benefits of ISDN to a much broader market place.

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